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Spain eye hosting 2018 World Cup

Spain World Cup bid

Angel Maria Villar Llona, President of RFRF and the Spanish/Portuguese Bid Committee presented the official bid book to FIFA President Sepp Blatter during a ceremony on May 14.

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Inspired by their win in the 2010 World Cup, Spain are set to push for co-hosting the 2018 tournament with neighboring Portugal.

"Spain's next challenge is to organise the 2018 World Cup," said Secretary of State for Sports Jaime Lissavetsky in an address to the Spanish Football Federation's (Real Federación Española de Fútbol - RFEF) general assembly meeting.

Spain and Portugal hope to pool their resources - as Japan and South Korea did in 2002 - for 2018 after Brazil hosts the next edition in 2014.

Belgium and the Netherlands are also preparing a joint 2018 bid, and other candidates are England, the United States, Russia and Australia.

FIFA is to elect the winning bid on December 2 at a meeting of its executive committee.

RFEF chairman Angel Maria Villar said that "Spain and Portugal are in the race" for 2018, but admitted that it would likely prove difficult to see off the opposition - Spain hosted the event as recently as 1982. But he stressed that in the event of failure there would be a renewed bid for 2022.

FIFA's inspection commitee already started looking at the bidders' dossiers, starting off with Japan, a candidate for 2022.

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