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Football: China journalists robbed at World Cup

An armed gang stole money and a camera from four Chinese journalists in South Africa to cover the World Cup, state media reported Thursday.

Several men attacked the journalists when their car stopped on the side of the road as they returned to Johannesburg after an interview, the reports said.

The thieves made off with a small amount of cash and a camera worth about 1,500 dollars, the Beijing News said.

"When you go out, you have to be careful, put all your valuables in the boot and no matter what happens, don't open the windows," one of the journalists was quoted as saying.

The paper said it was also trying to confirm a report that a Beijing journalist was robbed in South Africa ahead of the opening of the World Cup on Friday.

China's consulate in Johannesburg has issued a warning to Chinese nationals attending the World Cup to remain alert and refrain from carrying large sums of cash, the newspaper said.

On Wednesday, an armed gang stole electronic equipment from a team of Portuguese journalists during a robbery at their lodge near Johannesburg, police and one of the victims said.

The gang broke into the lodge at Magaliesburg, northwest of Johannesburg, while three journalists covering the Portuguese team were sleeping.


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